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 According to industry statistics, customers in the Northeast spend the most money on books. The least amount of money is spent in the South. If you happen to be a nonfiction author located in Texas, all hope isn’t lost. In order to publish your nonfiction book successfully, it’s important to seek out the right independent publishers that will support your platform.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Independent Publisher?

Right about now, you may be asking yourself why it would be a better choice to work with an independent as opposed to a mainstream publisher. Here are several advantages to consider in working with an independent publishing company:

  • You will make more money as an author.
  • You will avoid agent fees.
  • Publication of the book will be much faster.
  • You will have more control over printing and formatting.
  • You will have more control over distribution and promotion.

Although many nonfiction authors turn to independent publishing companies as a last resort, others seek out indie publishers as a top priority for the potential to make more money on their book. When an author publishes with a large publishing house, they will be roped into extensive contracts that will limit author royalties. As an estimate, a commercially published author may receive up to 10% of sales.

When working with an independent publisher, a nonfiction author has the opportunity to negotiate royalty rates and can make more profit per book as a result.

Austin Independent Publishers of Nonfiction Books: Where to Look

If you’re located in Texas, Austin is the perfect place to begin on your quest for an independent publisher. The trendy, off-the-wall city is known for its indie culture, whether it’s live music, a unique restaurant concept, or a wacky festival.

Some of the best independent nonfiction publishers in Austin include:

  • Plain View Press: This independent publishing house has been in business for more than 36 years, publishing roughly 500 national and international authors. Plain View Press specializes in contemporary literature that includes memoir, fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Plain View is exclusive and publishes just 30 books a year.
  • Greenleaf Book Group: Located in Austin, Greenleaf has created a publishing model that caters to the independent author. Each book accepted is matched with its own distribution strategy to improve both production quality and profit margins.

While more independent publishers are still emerging in the Austin scene, nonfiction authors are welcome in the city with a number of writer’s groups, as well as events hosted by the Writer’s League of Texas.

Non-Fiction Publishing

Check Out the Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide for the Best Places to Eat in the City

Besides being known as a fun and funky city with live music around every corner, Austin provides natives and visitors with some of the best dining in the great state of Texas.

Even if you’ve experienced Austin’s culinary scene hundreds of times before, there’s always a new dish on the horizon. And for visitors, it helps to consult with the experts to determine where to find some of the best places to eat in the city.

Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide: What to Expect

The Fearless Critic Austin Restaurant Guide is most recently available in the fourth edition for food lovers in the city. Just like it sounds, the guide will provide Austin diners with “brutally honest reviews” from food nerds and undercover chefs that have dined incognito.

In short, a foodie on the quest for the best places to eat in Austin can trust the opinion of this restaurant guide. Instead of being fueled by paid advertisements, as you will find on many city-wide dining websites, the reviews in the guide are raw and uninhibited, without any ulterior motives.

Each restaurant review in the book is a page long and will rate the food on a scale of 1 to 10; it will also rate the feel of the restaurant using the same scale and provide practical dining information. The book comes complete with a restaurant reference section so that diners can browse by neighborhood, cuisine, and special features.

True to Austin form, the guide also includes a special dining section that is vegetarian-friendly.

Where Should You Eat in Austin?

If you want to impress a date on a big night out, it may be time to pull out all the stops. You can use the insider information provided in the guide to choose the perfect five-star restaurant or even book a limo and swing by the trendy Barley Swine that offers modern casual dining with an overall food rating of 9.0.

Other notable Austin favorites include:

  • Teji’s Foods – Rated at 9.3 with an average menu price of $15; a casual Indian restaurant that is vegetarian friendly, located in Round Rock.
  • Franklin Barbecue – Rated at 9.5 with an average menu price of $15; barbecue counter service with outdoor dining, located on E. 11th St.
  • Vino Vino – Rated at 9.1 with an average menu price of $45; a modern wine bar with live music, located on Guadalupe Street.