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Pool Accessories to Aid Your Child to Swim

Swimming spells fun for kids. But sometimes the pool waters can be intimidating to young chidren. Don’t let their fear of getting into the pool hinder what could be a fun-filled day of swimming. If your kids don’t know how to swim or are not strong swimmers yet, there are plenty of pool supplies that you can provide them to aid them in swimming.
The kiddie life jacket is a great choice for kids who are first time swimmers. The life jacket can be securely strapped to the child’s body. It will keep the child afloat and can be a very effective tool to build your child’s confidence in the water. The child will be able to learn his way around the water and with free use of his arms and legs, your kid can even start practicing some of the strokes and kicks.
Another great pool accessory is the swim board. The swim board is a fantastic equipment to exercise the legs. It is important to condition the leg muscles as they are the ones that propel the body to motion. Handheld swim boards will require children to hold the board and thus, they have no free use of their hands for strokes. But there are also body boards which are designed to be placed under the trunk of the body.
For kids who have gained enough water confidence in the pool but are still not strong swimmers yet, they can use the inflatable arm bands. They are usually cylindrical in shape and worn on both upper arms. Inflatable arm bands can afford the child a sense of security.

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