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Priceless Tips for How to Share Wedding Photos

Getting married and walking down the isle with man or woman of your dreams is the most magical and special experience in virtually everyone’s life. Capturing these special moments is very important, and the presence of digital cameras and smartphones nowadays has made it possible for even a newbies to capture and share every moment with friends and relatives. Normally every wedding is attended by friends and relatives coming from different places and everyone who attends would wish to have a photo of such a special day. However, sometimes, sharing wedding photos is tricky, but here some useful tips for how to share wedding photos.

Use Wedding Photo Swap

This is a comprehensive online platform that allows couples, guests, and photographers to post snaps directly to the albums of their choice. Wedding Photo Swap enables the user to share high quality photos with guests and those who didn’t attend your wedding quickly and easily. Each guest has a unique code that he or she will use to log in to the site to enhance privacy. This platform also allows the user to control the images that should appear, and thus, who views them. Wedding Photo Swap is free and hence it is suitable for partners on a budget.

Use Capsule

Capsule is an excellent photo sharing platform that’s suitable for collecting every snap of your special day, using either the smart phone application or website; guests can upload pictures directly from their phones and digital cameras. All the photos of your wedding day are uploaded to one place and everyone who attended your wedding will be able to view the photos easily. For privacy, capsules allows only invited guests to view and share photos. Also it has an option of sharing photos with others vias twitter or Facebook. This means that you can retain your wedding day intimate if you wish, or show off to everyone.

Take Advantage of Flickr

Flickr is one of the most well-known photo sharing website nowadays; it is the best place for you and your guest to share the photos of your special day. With Flickr, you can create a group with different privacy levels, and ask your guests to upload photos to the group. Also, in case, some of your guests are not able to access Flickr, and you would want to share photos with them, and then you can send them a link to albums. The main advantage of using Flickr to share wedding photos is that no one can modify your photos and use them for commercial purposes.

WedPics is useful

This is the leading photo and video application for your wedding, with its attractive and color customizable interface, this app makes you feel like it’s the part of your wedding day. WedPics has a range of functionalities with a number of albums, filters, video upload and photo downloading, photo editing, social sharing and purchasing, live slides shows and guest lists. When you want to share your wedding snaps with your guests in manner that is not complex then you should use WedPics.

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