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Gold Buyers in Birmingham

Alabama Gold Refinery is one of the best birmingham gold buyers in the state. They are located just south of Birmingham in the suburb of Pelham. They are open six days a week with Sunday being their day off. They can appraise your gold at their store and make a cash offer on the spot. They are looking for gold in many forms, and it doesn’t have to be coins; anything that contains gold, and this is often jewelry. Keep in mind that they are looking at the gold content, so if you have a piece of jewelry that may have little value as a bracelet or necklace or earrings, it may now be worth a lot more than your realize. The price of gold has soared in recent years and the time to cash in on broken jewelry and other forms of scrap gold is today.

Silver has also shot up in price and this dealer will also buy silver as well as gold. Silver of course is common in jewelry, but can be tricky to evaluate. Whatever scrap jewelry you have that may be of value they will gladly look at. Coins before 1964 contained 90% silver. These coins can be worth twenty to thirty times their face value because of the silver content. This is true for so many things made from silver as well as gold. You need to take inventory of what you have and let a professional metals dealer decide what the value is based upon the metal alone.

Alabama Gold Refinery also sponsors gold parties. This is a great way to make money on the boom in gold prices without even selling any gold. Basically, this is an event that you host in your home. You invite every friend and neighbor you can find to come over to your house and have their gold estimated for value. The expert gold dealer will make an offer on the spot and pay cash. Sometimes a host will create a relaxed atmosphere offering free food and beverages to the guests. Most of the gold that people bring will consist of old and unwanted jewelry. The jewelry may be broken and in need of repair, but the gold content may be more valuable than the jewelry itself and it is better to sell it for the scrap metal.

The way you make money is with a simple commission. The most common is 10% and this is the commission paid by the Alabama Gold Refinery. When the evening is over, you can easily have had a few thousand dollars in gold sold to the dealer, and this means you will get good cash for gold Birmingham at Alabama Gold Refinery. This is good money for simply throwing a party and you will be glad you did it. Your friends and neighbors will be happy with extra cash for unwanted jewelry and the dealer is gong to be happy that he has purchased gold that he may not have had an opportunity to buy. Many people who would not take the time to go to a gold dealer’s place of business feel more comfortable in a home with a party like atmosphere. They are more than happy to bring along a few pieces of jewelry. The appraisals are free of charge and no one is obligated to sell.